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We are a full scale digital agency specializing in innovative branding, online marketing, websites and more! We will work with you efficiently so you’re seeing your ROI faster!

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Pride in our work means everything.
Our team produces eye-popping creative backed by robust technology to produce game-changing solutions for our clients.

Skillful employees

Our professional team is skilled in evaluating, recommending, and implementing complete data and web solutions for companies of any size, in any industry.

Defining Creative Technology

Since our beginning, Athenix has been merging eye popping creativity
with robust technology to produce game-changing solutions for our clients.

Athenix is a full-service marketing agency + social media agency + digital marketing company. We aim to redefine the value and expectations of creative services by taking up intentional yet disruptive space in our industry, while being transparent and true to our clients and ourselves. All our services are delivered by an in-house team of experts & we work hard to deliver the same great experience to all our clients, regardless of project size.

With 10+ years of proven results, we help business owners develop a solid foundation and business marketing strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve visibility, branding, sales and profit.

You are investing a great deal in your business by partnering with Athenix & we will always give you our absolute best. Our passion, drive, and satisfaction come from positive impacts we make on our small business partners.

We exist to guide you through the challenges of the digital advertising medium. Our clients have learned that they don’t need to become experts when they can partner with one. Let Athenix be your stepping-stone into positive growth and sustainability. We understand your struggles and we have the solutions to help you overcome them.

Deana Davis, CEO

Deana Davis, is well-versed in the world of Branding and Marketing. She has an unparalleled passion for partnering with like-minded CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to grow their brands and businesses. Fresh out of her cap and the gown, she started in the working world with a strategy and consulting firm before transitioning into sales and marketing with a well-known tech firm. After spending time working in PR and marketing for prestigious brands and startups, Deana learned what truly drives conversions and it’s not mastering the marketing flavor of the week. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them. With a set of bold and savvy social skills in addition to her exposure to different, historically rich cultures, Deana’s visions have turned businesses around! Her passion and prowess for brand-building innovations have catapulted companies’ exposure and profitability. Her impressive talent for growing businesses and her love for public relations, coupled with her inherent entrepreneurial spirit has helped brands she works with reach their maximum potential.


Let Athenix be your stepping-stone into positive growth and sustainability.

We promise to always give you our absolute best!

Our Clients Always Come First.

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