5 Ways to Hyper Target Your Marketing


ne of the most prominent challenges that our marketers face is getting the word out to the people who are most likely to become our customers. The main goal of all marketing is to “get the right message to the right person at the right time.” As marketers, we also wanted to make sure that we can do this at the best price possible.Here are five simple yet effective steps that can help you identify who YOUR audience is and HOW you can best connect with your customers.

Acknowledge Your Specific Target Market

It’s essential to understand that your products and services have a target audience that can be determined. Your main goal is to find avenues to identify your market so that you can create marketing campaigns that address them directly. This might sound obvious, but frequently, marketers assume that what they offer has universal appeal, and their target audience is “everybody.” As much as we believe that it’s never right and can get in the way of generating effective marketing campaigns that do talk to the right people.

Find Criteria to Identify the Consumers You Want to Reach

An audience can be sorted in many ways based on an almost infinite number of criteria. However, your audience is unique to your brand, so you’re going to identify the elements that can be used to create a good connection between their potential needs and what your company offers. For starters, there are some demographic points that you can use, such as age, gender, or geography, to define who the best audience is for your products? How about criteria that match a prospect’s beliefs, intentions, attitudes, or opinions? The primary goal of this step is to eliminate people for whom an offer won’t be relevant or essential. With these people, you may now start to focus your marketing messages to reach the remaining markets, which are most likely to be interested and willing to take action when they come in contact with your marketing strategy.

Identify What People Want

One of the challenges that all marketers face today is that they are too close to their brands. While you surely want to promote your brands and services in a positive way, you may need to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience as often as possible. Chances are they don’t know anything about your brand or understand the benefits you offer as well as you do.

By seeing your brand through new customers, you can also look for potential weaknesses, areas of possible misuse or misunderstanding, and even things that consumers may find offensive. By taking this step, better allows you to create marketing messages and campaigns that address potential brand issues and objections before they occur.

Identify Your Channels

What could be the best way to reach your target audience? There is no 100 percent right answer you can use to reach a target audience. For example, a local business looking for a local audience, there isn’t going to need to run a nationwide search to reach its target customers. Instead, you might rely on an ad in a local directory or a small local newspaper to get the best results.

Start by researching about how your target audience gets information. What channels do they usually use? Television? Radio? Webpages? Newspapers? Online search?

You want to ensure that when your target consumers are learning about the world, your messages are part of that information stream.

Measure Your Results

Defining your target audience is just the start. Now, what you need to determine is if you were correct. It’s not unusual for marketers to identify an audience they want to reach only to discover once the campaign starts running that a group of people respond to the marketing materials. Depending on the types of channels you use, the feedback you will get can tell you some remarkable stories.

The bottom line here is NOT to assume that just because you have identified your audience and determined the criteria to select and reach that audience that your work is done. Each campaign you’ll run will teach you how to do a better job in the future. However, you also need to be open to that feedback and be willing to tweak that information to optimize your campaigns resulting in more effective results!

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