When Your Mind is Telling You Something, STOP and Take Time to Define it


anaging a business is stressful, full stop. While owning or running a company is also rewarding, it’s not uncommon to wake up in the middle of the night second-guessing an entire month’s worth of important business decisions. When you’re experiencing a lot of mental chatter, it almost always means something. To move forward, you need to stop, quiet your thoughts, and define the root of the issue.

Overcoming the Internal Monologue to Gain Clarity

While the incessant internal monologue plaguing your subconscious generally means something is amiss, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what that something is. The first step in moving past mental chatter is to quiet the mind. Take a deep breath. Perhaps go for a quiet walk, a bike ride, or do the thing you know helps you work through anxieties.

When you achieve some mental clarity, you might find that the root issue is physical. Perhaps that keto diet you recently started is causing brain fog, or maybe the decision to sacrifice your morning spin class for earlier office hours is proving counterproductive. The issue might instead be related to your business. Was it a mistake to sign a new commercial lease? Is opening a new firm branch too risky?

Ultimately, mental clarity enables you to cut out the chatter and focus on the real questions of concern. Once you’re able to see the issue, you can better understand how to move forward.

Subconscious Friction Fosters Under Performance

Developing the habit of present-mindedness provides multiple returns on investment. If you’re consistently battling subconscious friction, your quality of life suffers. Sleep proves elusive, important tasks get moved to the back burner, and relationships suffer. The negative consequences of an anxious mind infiltrate your personal and professional life.

Mental clarity is a muscle you need to exercise. Some enjoy meditation and others prefer exercise. There are numerous ways to strengthen your mind’s ability to quiet anxious chatter, and it’s your job to determine what works best for you. It’s worth the effort, though. Mindfulness fosters enhanced performance that benefits the way you feel, the way you work, and the way you run your business.


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