Patient Recall System


Having an effective recall system in place is one of the primary concerns of running a dental practice today. Offices can employ a variety of recall systems, and most existing practice management software handles recall differently.
However, any recall system works only as well as the people responsible for its management.

Most dental practices average between 60 to 70 percent hygiene recall rates, which is typically lower than most dentists assume because they don’t have a sufficient way to track their practice’s true recall numbers.
When used by dental offices, Athenix patient recall methods improve recall rates by utilizing improved patient tracking and better communication.


With 85-90% of all communication ignored by patients and the average dental office reaching 10-15 patients per day, the follow-up ratio is 1 to 3 attempts by your staff. With Athenix Integrated Dialing Technology, we are able to reach more patients within your recall system in record time. Booking 30-50 appointments per month, our professionally trained team is ready to connect with both your recall patients and new patients! Eliminating appointment set up and confirmation calls by your staff. Personalized text messages to patients are generated with friendly office staff photos producing greater response rates and reducing missed appointments. Our follow up emails beat out other dental marketing competitors by having a warm and friendly look that truly resonates with your patients.

predictive dialing

Call more than one patient at a time and connects you only with a live person.

Constant follow up


Patients won’t ignore our various attempts to stay relevant to them! We send communication to them via phone, email and text messaging guaranteeing an open line of communication. It also shows the patient your commitment to their dental health, improving customer satisfaction and keeping them loyal to your practice.


Our system provides a customizable and personalized approach to help you recall patients via:

Individual, group, and family text messages

Automated email and pre-built campaigns

Automated phone calls and voicemails

Personalized postcards

Reach 100% of Patients at the Right Time via the Right Channel

Do the quick math, one person in a 5-hour day can only make so many phone calls, maybe 200-250 calls per day. Most will go unanswered or ignored. Our phone system allows us to call multiple lines at once until a call is answered. Our digital manpower surpasses the bandwidth of any office admin. Our Virtual Front Office has an in-depth knowledge of your business and will handle outbound calls and bookings, sends text messages and more! Count on Athenix to make sure you never miss a lead, especially emergency leads which can come in any time outside of office hours. Your phone lines will be operated 24/7 and even includes live text messaging response!


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