3 Reasons Why You Should Call Your Current Clients Every So Often


It builds a good relationship with your customers


eople always wanted to be valued for who they are and not just how much they spend with your service. A quick phone call to see how they are going is one of a great way to build a good relationship with your customers and inspire loyalty and trust.

Never underestimate the power of trusting your business relationship. You have already invested your money time, energy, in getting your customers; why not do everything to keep them as well? Just make sure to have an agenda when you contact your customers so you utilize that time to its maximum effectiveness.

It helps you improve your business

Some businesses fear their customers’ s review, so much so that it prevents them from following up after the sale. But the feedback they share with you, whether it is positive or negative, is one of the keys to improving the service you provide with them. Your customers who have personally experienced your products and services will provide honest insight into the quality, affordability, customer service, and benefits of your service compared to your other competitors. Also, if you choose to listen, they will help you create more significant products and services that are more competitive in your market.

Up-sell your products and services

As you uncover needs, you will also discover opportunities like upselling- to increase the amount they spend, cross-selling- to get them to buy more from you and resell- to keep them coming back every time. Customers won’t always think of your business as their needs change every time, and may not even be aware of your other products and services you provide. By talking to your customers over the phone allows you to educate them on all of the different solutions you can offer.

Let’s chat

Don’t have the time to call EVERY one of your previous clients on a consistent basis? Let us help you automate that process. Schedule a call with us at Athenix Marketing and let’s supercharge your customer relations.


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