We are creatives in the search engine optimization and marketing industries. We have a proven track record for crafting effective Internet Marketing Strategies with measurable, long term results.

Our mission is to enhance your brand and drive response. Our team of experts excel at all facets of creative development including copywriting and graphic design. We devise growth generating strategies for both social and digital media. Our web designers know what it takes to create sites that serve your needs while portraying your brand properly. You can count on us to deliver your ad messages to responsive, relevant audiences and drive traffic to your waiting room!

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full-service marketing agency + social media agency + digital marketing company

With 10+ years of proven results, we help business owners develop a solid foundation and business marketing strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve visibility, branding, sales and profit.


Stop guessing who your target market is and start connecting with them directly. Use the contact information of those actively looking for the services you provide, saving you time AND money.


Our mission is to ensure no patient gets left behind. It’s not good for the health of the patient, nor the health of your practice. We help dental practices reach 100% of patients through our unique technology that takes both timing and communication channels into consideration to ensure not one patient falls through the cracks. In fact, we will try to contact a patient for up to two years for dental recalls – whereas some providers only attempt for two weeks!


Athenix empowers practices to thrive in the digital age by attracting and converting patients, improving patient experience, and streamlining front office operations. Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important for dental practices as more people are turning to the internet for answers to questions, to find a local dental office recommendation. SEO is important for your business!


Athenix web designers will build you a custom website as a perfect complement to your professional dental brand. Your new dental website will feature high-quality color themes and graphics, interactive features, search engine optimization, patient education content, HD quality videos and much more.


Your business’ social media presence must validate your office as local, trustworthy, and approachable. There are many social media websites. However, there are only 3-4 networks that have the largest impact for most businesses. Our team helps focus your practice branding on websites that matter, as well as, keeping your online reputation pristine!

Content marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce.


Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.

LORI RUFF, Brand, Social & Communications Strategist

You can’t just place a few “Buy” buttons on your website and expect your visitors to buy.

NEIL PATEL, Author, influencer & ceo

Comprehensive Web Management

The benefits of an in-house marketing department without the expense; our digital, social and traditional capabilities put your brand in a position to succeed.

Don’t kid yourself, Internet Marketing is not for the timid, and neither is success. Your competition is using every possible advantage they have and you should be, too. We can help you navigate through the challenges of the digital advertising medium. Our clients have learned that they don’t need to become experts when they can partner with one. We believe interactive marketing should be easy to understand, so we take the time to come up with innovative and effective campaigns.

Beautiful styles with impressive design elements and premium graphics.

Create a recognizable brand identity for your practice by using the same design on all your patient communications.

Photography and videography are included.

Customizable patient education content about oral health conditions, treatment options, frequently asked questions and more.

Optimized content for maximum exposure on search engines.

Unlimited pages! Before and After Gallery, Online Appointment Request, Meet the Doctor, Internet Links Page, and more!

Improve organic visibility through Hyper-Targeted Content

We have proven marketing strategies that deliver measurable, long term results. Working with us provides you our integrated marketing approach, that gives you increased efficiency, reduced workloads, less stress and increased profitability.


When launching a digital campaign, it is essential to know who your audience is. We work with you closely to have a clear sense of who needs your services and what they will respond to. Forming a custom target audience allows us to focus our efforts exactly where it will be most beneficial. The key to launching any successful campaign is making sure you reach the target audience; and this is where many fall short. It’s not enough to market to broad groups anymore. Customers have become numb to the daily bombardment of ads. To penetrate through the noise and effectively reach prospective customers, advertisers must go beyond traditional marketing methods.


Our hyper targeted approach leads to high quality inbound leads from online sources. Conversion rates are higher, customers are happier and costs are lower. Our sophisticated system correctly identifies your target by targeting specific income, FICO scores, age and gender. With those parameters set, our Cloud Connect System generates 3,500 to 5,000 reaches in a 20-day span and our average dental office will receive 500 leads in those 20 days. Technology tracked calls produce valuable patient metrics which help direct informed actionable decisions leading further to your success.


Athenix advertising campaigns use a mix of different approaches to extend reach effectively. The better we quantify your target, the more efficiently you can reach it, and the more closely we scrutinize your advertising results, the more you can improve your methods. Using our advertising technology, we’ll help you easily reach the audiences who are most likely to become future patients. We do this by targeting the right locations, demographics, interests and more. With Athenix, you have more control over who you reach, ensuring your ads get seen by more of the right audiences at the right time.


Let Athenix be your stepping-stone into positive growth and sustainability.

We promise to always give you our absolute best!

Our Clients Always Come First.

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