All about Dental Web Design


our dental practice website has a big job to do. Gone are the days where most patients found a dentist through word of mouth. Today, it’s your website that is usually the first point of contact with a potential new patient. That website has to introduce your practice and give the potential patient a feeling of confidence in your abilities and the procedures you specialize in. It has to detail the services you offer. And it should help the patient make their first appointment.

94% of users’ mistrust of a medical website is directly related to web design elements.

Oh, and it has to do this in 2.9 seconds. That’s the time a site visitor will spend on a page deciding if they want to stay or head elsewhere.

You’re busy creating healthy smiles, so how are you going to get a website that brings in new patients and fosters loyalty in existing patients? Put the team at Athenix Marketing on the job. We’ll build a gorgeous, hard-working website for your dental practice. For over two decades, we’ve been building the most beautiful websites across the healthcare industry and we’ve been optimizing them for search before most people had even heard of the term SEO.

Essential Dental Website Design Elements

Mobile Responsive

This means your website works the same no matter the device or screen size.

Search continues to be done more and more on mobile devices. That includes the dental world. If a potential patient is experiencing hot and cold sensitivity in a tooth and they’ve got 10 minutes to kill waiting for a meeting, this is the time they get out the phone and try and find a dentist to help.

That’s why every dental practice website we build is seamlessly functional both on desktop and on mobile devices. The look and feel will resemble your desktop site, but the functionality is completely mobile friendly.

High-Resolution Images

Nothing says your dental practice is behind the times faster than walls of poorly written text with occasional low-resolution photos of dental horror stories. We use beautiful high-resolution images to give users a feel of quality, to break up the text, and to educate. Want to show just how invisible an Invisalign aligner tray is? Let’s have a high-resolution image do the talking.

Engaging Content & Layout

Our dental websites are built to be engaging, enjoyable extensions of your practice. Many people don’t necessarily connect the words enjoyable and dentist, so our sites work hard to showcase the warmth of your practice surroundings and your people.

When a visitor wants to know what’s involved in replacing a tooth with a dental implant, we provide well-written, easy-to-read copy that clearly and professionally gets that job done. Animations. Videos. When a user hits your page on teeth whitening and sees your before-and-after images, we want the person to look in the mirror and call to book their whitening appointment.

Conversion Focused

Although we take great pride in the aesthetic beauty of the dental practice websites we build, maintain, and optimize, we take even more pride in the fact that they convert potential patients into patients coming through your front door. Design elements such as sticky menus; engaging content; high-quality photos, videos, and animations; and easy navigation all work together to help a visitor feel that your practice is the place to have a dental implant placed or a wisdom tooth extracted. That’s why they’ll find the contact method of their choice at their fingertips wherever they are on your site. Whether they prefer to fill out a contact form or call your front desk, the contact information is right there at the moment they’re ready.

Branding to Match Your Practice

At Athenix Marketing , we build websites to fit the personality/image of your practice. In the dental world, there is variety, and our websites convey that. We brand a periodontist in downtown New York differently than a family dentist in a small town in the Midwest. This isn’t simply a matter of font choices and color schemes, every aspect of our dental sites is meant to give a potential patient a feel for the individual practice. And, of course, this branding moves seamlessly across all platforms. Your practice will feel the same to visitors whether they’re checking it out on their phone or at home on a desktop.

Your dental practice website is one of your most important employees! Its role in your success cannot be overstated. So, let’s work together to design the beautiful, functional, hard-working website that will set your dental practice apart. At Athenix Marketing, we’ve been building and optimizing some of the web’s most effective websites for over 10 years. Let us build one for you. Check out our dental website portfolio and then let’s talk.


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