Who Are Your “Hyperresponsive” Buyers? The Outsized Value of Targeting This Group (Part 1)


o you know who your “hyperresponsive” customers are? It is essential to understand who these buyers are and how to market to them. If you don’t, you are not just leaving dollars but diamonds on the table.

In Part One of this two-part blog, we will review how to understand their importance to your brand.

According to the Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule), about 80 percent of customers will have minimal interaction with your brand. The remaining 20 percent of your customers, however, are highly engaged and far more likely to buy your brand. They are knowledgeable, repeat customers who are often highly active on social media. They click on a Google ad when 2,000 others do not. These are your “hyperresponsive buyers.”

Hyperresponsive buyers are the most valuable customers of your business. They have a direct benefit in that they are responsible for the majority of your product sales. They often feel a personal connection with your brand that translates into a strong loyalty that is not price-sensitive. Therefore, they are also more likely to spend money on your brand and are easier—and less expensive—to retain as customers.

They also have a huge indirect impact because their positive feedback and recommendations can influence other potential customers.

A hyperresponsive customer can be both dangerous and valuable. These customers are dangerous because, if they are not satisfied with your performance, they will make that known, and their voices and influence can discourage others from buying. They are valuable because their outspokenness will provide you with an excellent opportunity to learn where your brand is falling short. They will tell you about their complaints when other customers would simply walk away.

Hyperresponsive customers are the hidden bread-and-butter of your business. Once you understand their significance, you can develop targeted marketing approaches to keep the ones you have and find new ones along the way.


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