Who Are Your “Hyperresponsive” Buyers? The Outsized Value of Targeting This Group (Part 2)


n Part One, we discussed how “hyperresponsive buyers” are the drivers of your brand and sales. Now, we are going to continue the conversation by exploring a few ideas on how to market to these important individuals. Developing a targeted strategy for engaging with and selling to your hyperresponsive buyers can substantially increase your revenue.

Identify Your Hyperresponsive Buyers.

In order to identify your hyperresponsive buyers, begin by looking for customers who are submitting feedback forms and consumer survey responses. Put these customer comments and reactions under a microscope to understand the frequency and amount of these customers’ purchases. Take particular note of the responses that offer detailed praise, support, or constructive criticism.

Additionally, review all social media mentions of your brand and products. Follow those who tag or follow you on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. Those who post publicly about your products and services want a public response from you, and their followers are also waiting to see how you reply.

Reach out to them.

Let your hyperresponsive customer know you appreciate their responsiveness, and you highly value their needs and concerns. Call them or send them a personalized text, email, note, or survey to find out more about their desires for the brand. The more personal you can make the experience, the more likely it is to pay off.

Make an even more of a concerted effort to do this, if the customer is voicing a complaint. If you win back a disappointed hyperresponsive customer, they are likely to be vocal about the positive experience.

Create a personalized experience for them.

Take a deep dive into a customer’s profile and crafting an irresistible, tailored customer experience for them. According to research by Accenture, 91 percent of consumers are “more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations.” For your most vocal customers, offer them exclusive, early access to a new product to underscore that you value their engagement and opinions.

Thank them.

Everyone appreciates a heartfelt thank you. Send your hyperresponsive buyer a gift, or even a handwritten note, to thank them for engaging with the brand and being such a valued customer.

Hyperresponsive customers will thank you in return, by continuing to purchase your products and bring awareness to other similarly engaged buyers.


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